1. How do I find my Asianet Digital TV Subscriber code?
The Subscriber code will be available on the Left corner of the paper bill for Asianet Digital TV direct area subscribers. The Subscriber code will also be there in all the SMS / Text messages sent by Asianet to the Subscriber. Subscriber can inform to helpline at 93 88 800 800 the MAC ID of the STB ( Set Top Box) to know their Subscriber Code. MAC ID can be found on the bottom of the STB.
2. How can I change/update my Registered Mobile Number?
The registered mobile number can be changed by calling Asianet helpline at 93 88 800 800 or by mailing to helpdesk@asianet.co.in Through portal , E- KYC can be registered on www.myasianet.in by clicking the E-KYC update button, enter mobile number, enter OTP received to validate and proceed to update/ change.
3. Should I register for E-KYC? How to register for E-KYC?
As per the new TRAI mandate KYC has been made compulsory for the security of its customers and also to prevent fraudulent activities like smuggling of Set Top Boxes. E- KYC can be registered on www.myasianet.in website by clicking the E-KYC update button, enter mobile number, enter OTP received to validate and proceed further to complete the registration.
4. What are the various methods by which I can recharge my subscription?
It’s very simple and easy with various methods, including Offline and Online methods to prepay. Offline: Pay at nearest Asianet office, Franchisee, Akshaya Kendra or any Airtel payments bank outlets Online: Visit www.myasianet.in , click on Quick Recharge button to recharge or if through PAYTM app, pls select Cable TV & click on Operator – Asianet Digital TV to proceed for recharging.
5. How can I select my channels? Can I add or delete channels?
Yes you can select your channels; you can add or delete or change channels as per your requirement. If you are a first-time user, pls visit www.myasianet.in , Register and Login to www.myasianet.in to view your subscription details. As per TRAI Regulations, subscribers can choose to select channels or bouquet of channels from Suggestive packs, Broadcaster packs or add individual a la carte channels. Pls recharge with sufficient amounts for activation. Channels can also be selected, added or deleted or changed at nearest Asianet office or through Franchisee.
To Add: Steps: Click + button (plus button in Blue colour), add the desired the channels or packs, Select from My cart, Click Preview, click Pay to complete the process.
To Delete: Steps: On your current channels or packs, Click X button to remove channels or packs (X button in Red colour), Click on Confirmed button to complete the deletion of the channel or packs.
6. How do I know about my pack details, balance, due date for recharge? Register and Login to www.myasianet.in. You can view the Status of the connection, Balance, Last renewed date, Expiry date and the details of all the packs / Plans and Channels, Payment details. Or contact nearest Asianet office or Franchisee for details.
7. How can I upgrade my current set top box?
The current Set top box can be upgraded to HD (High Definition) or Magic Box by calling helpline at 93 88 800 800, helpline will inform the amount to pay and notify the nearest Asianet office to enable the upgrade. Or contact nearest Asianet office or Franchisee to upgrade.
8. How do I pay for AMC?
You can pay for AMC online through www.myasianet.in. Click on Quick Recharge button, Click the checkbox – I would like to opt SCC ( Set top box service contract ) – The amount for AMC will show by default as per your STB- Select payment mode and proceed to pay. Or contact nearest Asianet office or Franchisee to pay AMC.
9. How to take multiple STBs for my home?
It is easy, pls contact Asianet helpline at 93 88 800 800 customer care to a place a request or through nearest Asianet office or Franchisee
10. How to register complaints? What are the different methods to register my complaints?
You can register complaints by calling our 24 hr Customer care or through the website asianet.co.in or by sending an E-mail to helpdesk@asianet.co.in or by WhatsApp to the number 7591925925
11. Shifting Home? What is the procedure for shifting Asianet Digital TV connection ?
To shift from one location to another, pls email to helpdesk@asianet.co.in or contact nearest Asianet office or Franchisee, helpline at mentioning your Subscriber code with new address. Shifting is enabled in the feasible areas of Asianet network. Dues if any are to be cleared to enable the shifting process.

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