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CISCO,is changing the way consumers receive, use and enjoy a variety of entertainment, information and communication experiences provided by cable, telecom, wireless and satellite service providers. The company is a leading supplier of transmission networks for broadband access to the home, set-tops, cable modems and digital interactive subscriber systems for video, high speed Internet and voice over IP (VoIP) networks, systems integration expertise, and worldwide customer service and support.

For digital compression & delivery of channels Asianet Digital has selected CISCO,to provide up to 1000 digital channels.

As a major provider of transmission equipment, Scientific-Atlanta has an outstanding product-by-product optics offering, an exceptional understanding of network architectures, and unparalleled capability of bringing it all together.

• Capable of delivering interactive video, voice, and data services
• Capable of supporting a variety of subscriber services
• Flexible and adaptable to advancements in technology as well as changes in    subscriber base, demographics, and service demands
• Capable of migrating fiber deeper into the network with minimal changes to the    network infrastructure.

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