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  LG ANDROID HD Set Top Box  

Asianet is the First MSO in the country to launch the LG Android HD set Top Box.
The Smart Set Top Box is here for the first time in India!

What it can do?

In a typical house where a son wants to watch Sports in the evening where as Mother wants to watch the Serials and father who reaches late & misses the match and wants to catch up the action. This is an Ideal product that can satisfy all the needs!
Mother can use the TV for serial, Son can watch the match live on the Tab and father who comes late can see the recording thru HDD or watch the highlights from any internet site on the TV screen!
This is the ultimate smart set top box.
With a minimalist elegant, slim look , the set top box is a beauty to behold.

Features of LG Android are
1. Operates on Android Ice cream sandwich platform for easier compatibility.
2. Higher memory 4GB/1GB RAM
3. 2 tuners for receiving one live channel on TV and another Channel for mobile application or recording.
4. 2 USB ports - one for connecting an external HDD upto 1 Tb and another for connecting an USB keyboard/mouse.
5. Can also connect a blue tooth device to USB and use blue tooth key board/mouse.
6. Ethernet port for connecting a wired internet connection of either Asianet or any other operator.
7. Wi-Fi feature - It can also receive internet signal from the available internet connectivity.
8. Mobile Application - Smart RC & V player Applications can be installed on any Android phone (with OS - IS/JB/Kit Kat) and the mobile can be converted as remote. All SD channels can be trans-coded and can be played on the Mobile. It acts as second TV using a single STB. No need of any internet connectivity for this, only a Wi-Fi router is required for this application to work. The distance is based on the router Wi-Fi Range. Smart RC & V player applications are currently available on Google Play store.
9. By using the internet feature, the STB can be used as a device for browsing the internet, watching videos on You tube, accessing mails etc. on Television set. In short it can convert a normal LCD/LED TV to a smart TV.
10. BOX TV application is already built in the STB and can be watched
11. SPDIF - interface for connecting the higher end audio systems.
12. Time shift TV - When Pen drive is connected, press play button, the program will start recording and can restart from the point where it has stopped.
13. Search facility - Press search button and type channel name/content and the same channels will be displayed.
14. Learning remote which can be configured to TV remote very easily.

With an invitation price of Rs.5990/- for the Set Top Box , the LG Android HD is available for sale.

For details, please call Mob # 9388 800 800

* Subscription charges are additional & vary according to the HD packages subscribed to. ** T&C Apply


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